Sunday, February 22, 2009

Back to work...

Ten days of not having to go to work has been wonderful, but all good things must come to an end. I'll be reporting back to work bright and early tomorrow morning. Can't wait to see all the mail and other fun stuff that'll be piled up for me...
I got in a little crafting today with YaYas Debbie and Kimberly. Here's what I came up with:
paper trey ink melon berry
Recipe: PTI Melon berry paper, ribbon, buttons, dark chocolate DP, new leaf buttons. Stamps ??? a cute set I gave Kimberly for Christmas. The sentiment reads: "Trees teach us to stay grounded but also to never stop reaching for the sky".

A sympathy card:
stampin up spring silhouettes, paper trey ink
Recipe: SU Soft Sky cardstock, Spring silhouettes DP, PTI New leaf cardstock and ribbon, PTI sentiment.

Here are some springy/ summery cards:
stampin up washington apple, retro boutique, paper trey ink hand written notes
Recipe: PTI Summer sun and Pure poppy cardstock, PTI sentiment from Handwritten Notes, SU Washington Apple DP, Dress image Retro Boutique by Rupa Shevde for Gina K. Designs.
stampin up washington apple, Amy's boutique, Amy R. Stamps, paper trey ink
Recipe: PTI Pure poppy cardstock, Summer sun grosgrain ribbon, SU Washington Apple DP, Bikini image Amy's Boutique from Amy R. Stamps.
Hope you have a great week. Happy crafting!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More pics

When John first got to the hospital after baby Will was born, he marched into the room and asked to see his baby. He got up in Amy's lap and checked out his brother.

The looking lasted about 2.3 seconds when he decided to check out baby's face with all the adults in the room anxiously saying "gentle, be very gentle...just touch the top of his head".

Then, without prompting, John kissed his baby. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever?

Here's proud Auntie Lisa:

Since brother Will made his appearace, we've had another important birthday. John turned 3 on Feb 18th. Here's the birthday boy opening presents:

And once again kissing his baby:

I babysat John and Will a few nights ago. John periodically had to stop what he was doing to check on his baby. Here he is in his dinosaur jammies:

The little angel asleep:

Whew! How many posts was that? I think I'm caught up now...back to work on Monday.
Have a great weekend!

Valentines Day

About a month before Valentine's Day, YaYas Kimberly, Debbie, and I got together to do a little crafting. Kimberly had seen this cute project on one of the blogs. It's a cupcake baking kit---a cute way to package up a cake mix, frosting, and sprinkles. Here's Debbie with her completed project.

Here are some close ups of mine:

Cute project right? If someone were to give you this, you wouldn't make comments about the giver having nothing better to do would you? I gave this to John-John so he could have a special project to do with Mom and Dad now that his only child status has been taken away. Shawn rolled his eyes about the cute packaging...oh well, what does he know.
On the day before Valentine's Day baby Will had to be admitted to the hospital because he was very jaundiced and needed to be put under bili lights to bring down his bilirubin. That was the day of John's daycare Valentine's party. Amy had planned to go to the party with John, but couldn't because she had to take the baby to the hospital. So Aunt Lisa got to go to the party. The party basically consisted of LOTS of Cheetos cheese puff and cookie eating. Then there was a little running away from "the tickle monster".

All in all, big fun.
At the hospital, baby Will got his protective eyewear and was placed on a bili blanket and under bili lights. He stayed overnight for 2 nights (one night with Aunt Lisa babysitting so Mom could get some much needed sleep).

He looks so pitiful under the lights. Will is at home now, no longer a little pumpkin. He's a good baby, only cries if he's hungry or wet.
Stay tuned, one more baby post. I just KNOW you're dying to see more pics...

Welcome Baby Will

My newest nephew was born February 10th at 0628. Weight 7lbs 2oz, Length 20 inches. Lots of dark hair---where'd that come from??? His name is William Joseph and we've been calling him Will. Amy and Shawn dubbed him "The thinker" after one of these first pics.

So then they had to show that they were just as smart by striking this pose.

John-John seems to really like him so far. He asks about "his" baby a lot, and loves to give him kisses.

This pic cracks me up...sticking his tongue out at the baby already.

Poor Will was ever-so-slightly pumpkin tinted... I think this picture is a cry for help:

Stay tuned, there's more to come...

Catch Up

It's been over two months since I've blogged, oh the shame...
In that time work has gotten crazy busy, my nephew Will was born, and I had 10 days off of work. It's been great being off work. I've gotten lots of little projects done, and I've gotten to spend some time with John-John and his new brother Will. Now here I am with less than 2 days left of my time off, and I'm finally going to play "catch up" with this blog.
Below are a couple of birthday cards that I made recently. This first one should really be rotated so that the sentiment is horizontal. I had already rotated it and it shows up as rotated in "My Pictures" on the computer, but won't cooperate when I upload it. This is my attempt at a "masculine" card.

Recipe: PTI Ripe avacado paper and ribbon, PTI black and white basics DP, SU sentiment from Wonderful Words.

Recipe: PTI Berry sorbet cardstock and ribbon, PTI black and white basics DP, SU sentiment from Upsy Daisy, Rain Dots Cloud 9 Design, Flower embellishments ?can't find the packaging.

Anyway, you should see a couple more posts in the near future. Have a great weekend and happy crafting!