Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentines Day

About a month before Valentine's Day, YaYas Kimberly, Debbie, and I got together to do a little crafting. Kimberly had seen this cute project on one of the blogs. It's a cupcake baking kit---a cute way to package up a cake mix, frosting, and sprinkles. Here's Debbie with her completed project.

Here are some close ups of mine:

Cute project right? If someone were to give you this, you wouldn't make comments about the giver having nothing better to do would you? I gave this to John-John so he could have a special project to do with Mom and Dad now that his only child status has been taken away. Shawn rolled his eyes about the cute packaging...oh well, what does he know.
On the day before Valentine's Day baby Will had to be admitted to the hospital because he was very jaundiced and needed to be put under bili lights to bring down his bilirubin. That was the day of John's daycare Valentine's party. Amy had planned to go to the party with John, but couldn't because she had to take the baby to the hospital. So Aunt Lisa got to go to the party. The party basically consisted of LOTS of Cheetos cheese puff and cookie eating. Then there was a little running away from "the tickle monster".

All in all, big fun.
At the hospital, baby Will got his protective eyewear and was placed on a bili blanket and under bili lights. He stayed overnight for 2 nights (one night with Aunt Lisa babysitting so Mom could get some much needed sleep).

He looks so pitiful under the lights. Will is at home now, no longer a little pumpkin. He's a good baby, only cries if he's hungry or wet.
Stay tuned, one more baby post. I just KNOW you're dying to see more pics...

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Debbie Nelson said...

So sweet of you to stay at the hospital with little so happy is all well now. I know you must have had a good time at the Valentine's party with John. I think our little cupcake kits were adorable...and time well spent..LOL