Tuesday, July 1, 2008

4th of July YaYa Challenges

The YaYas love to get together for crafting and card making, but lately it just seems harder and harder to get us all together in one place. (Our membership keeps growing too, so it's hard to find a place for us all to fit). Recently, we've been having virtual crafting days (weeks) that have really helped get me back into the card making groove. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to find one (or more) of these challenges that inspires you, and make something. There is no prize, just the good feeling that comes with crafting and the knowledge that you actually picked up your supplies and used them. Feel free to post a link in a comment on this post if you want to share your work with us. So, without further ado, here are the challenges:

From me:
1. card with acetate
2. card with glossy cardstock
3. two kinds of patterned paper on one card (ooo wild and CRAZY)
4. an "action" card, ie spinner, pop-up, etc
5. anything but a card

From Debbie:
6. Red, white and blue card
7. 3 different patterened papers on one card (WILDER AND CRAZIER THAN LISA'S) LOL
8. Snow man card
9. Embossed card in your favorite color
10. Bug or critter card

From Pig:
11. inchie - visit Ellen Hutson's blog for info and links for inspiration http://ellenhutson. typepad.com/ inchie_inklings/
12. 3x3 boxed set of cards. Box is included in challenge
13. something with grungeboard
14. simple card - no layers or background papers allowed. AAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEE :)
15. over-the-top card - extreme opposite of #4. Lots of layers, embellishments, etc.

From Kimberly
16. 100 Step Challenge.
Take a notebook and pencil/pen and walk out your front door (or vacation cabin door) and count off 100 steps. You can go in any direciton you like .... wherever you stop .. take note of the colors you see and/or objects around you. Use these colors/images and create something fabulous!
17. Do you hear color?
Turn on the radio or put in your favorite CD .. listen to the music ... when a song comes on that really makes you happy ... toe tappin', song bubbling out of you kind of happy .... close your eyes ... and imagine what color(s) you see in your mind as you listen to your "happy song". Write down the first 5 colors that come to mind ... now go create something magnficent! Be sure to share your song with everyone when you post your creation!
18. What do you feel?
No matter what the weather is doing or what time of day it is when you start this challenge ... go outside .. your porch .. your stoop ... your driveway ... your lawn ... sit ... close your eyes ... and clear your mind of the all of the chatter from the day ... what do you feel? This is a sensory question ... not how are you feeling ... but "what" do you feel? This is not visual .. purely base this challenge on what you "feel" being outside after you have cleared yoru mind of all the junk. Create whatever this feeling inspires in you! When you post your creation ... be sure to describe what you "felt".
19. Off to the kitchen ....
The "input" into this challenge may be an all day experience. Your challenge is to "taste" primary colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White and Black. Jot down the foods that you choose for each color and why you chose it. (Might be as simple as "I had mustard on my sandwhich. Or I have an egg this morning and it had a yellow yolk.") Also make note of what it tasted like and if you really liked it or if it was just so-so. Any emotion that food brings to your mind? Perhaps a memory? A guilty pleasure? When you have tasted or eaten something of every color (including white and black) ... review your notes and create something fantastic from that inspiration!
20. All the better to smell you with my dear ....
I think I will leave this one wide open ... especially for Pig who has a very quirky sense of humor! :)

So those are the challenges. I'd love to see your work!
Have a happy and safe holiday weekend, and remember our troops.


Debbie Nelson said...

What a challenge we have this time...so nice of you to list them all. Kimberly's are very interesting and she said they all came from her....should be lots of fun!

Janna said...

I hope I get a chance to do some of these. We just got home from vacation a couple of hours ago.