Sunday, July 27, 2008

Halleluja, Amen!

This post has nothing to do with crafting, but here goes. The title to this post is appropriate because "Halleluja, Amen!" the ceilings are done (except for painting), and this is what our choir sang this morning at church from Handel's Judas Maccabeus (sp?). On the note of singing, check out my friend Matthew in this YouTube video. He sings in our choir and is awesome. He's the one on your right, and he sings first.

He's a Supah Stah!
Have a great week! If you've got a ceiling painting connection in Little Rock, "call me and let me know".


Audra and Josh said...

Dang...they sound good!! Can we book them for Rock Band...I got "booed" off the stage when I tried to sing...hehhee...No for real they are awesome!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! I am so happy that you accomplished your painting.

Anonymous said...

WEll...I am glad to know I am not the only person blogging about singing!! Congrats on redecorating!