Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oh my lord and taylor!

So I thought I'd actually write in a few of these cards that I've made, and actually send them, but I couldn't find a pen anywhere in my office. I look in the kitchen junk drawer, and there are a few, but I'm thinking "where are all my pens?". I look in this little ceramic jar thingy that I keep on my dresser with all my stuff that I dump in it every day after work, and here's what I found:

In case you're wondering:
57 writing utencils (pens, pencils, Sharpies, and high liters)
4 pony tail holders
1 pkg batteries for
1 pager
1 ID badge
lots of little connectors for various types of tubing
20ish alcohol pads (for cleaning stethescope between patients)
several bandaids--sometimes I get owies too
3 pairs of scissors
several stickers for the kiddos at work
etc, there was even more crap in there, the lid couldn't even sit down all the way on the jar thingy.

Rest assured, I have cleaned it out, discarded all non-working writing utensils,
and separated them into ones I like for work and ones I like for home.

Just thought you'd want to know. Back to our regularly scheduled program...


Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness! That looks like our junk drawer, but I am not brave enough to tackle that! Way to organize.....LOL!

Audra and Josh said...

Ok I don't feel so bad. The first time I cleaned out a drawer that I put all my "home from work" junk in, Josh flipped out! I then had to tell him how each "connector" and things worked.

Debbie Nelson said...

My, what BIG pockets you have!! I am always amazed at all the stuff I unload each day after work!! At least we can say that we lose a couple of pounds a day when we get home and unload, huh?

casserole said...

I'm just impressed that you keep it all contained to a jar! At our house, the "dump your pockets" area is the entire den... I don't even want to know what we'd find if we cleaned it all out!

Pamela Smerker said...

That is so funny, we have a junk door actually a couple. Although my pens seem to find their way elsewhere.